Rest In Peace, Ivan Van Sertima ..

Ivan Van Sertima

We will miss you forever.

The man in his owns words:

You can’t take millions of people out of a continent, exploit and take their raw materials for hundred of years, misinform people, reduce them to state of semi starvation in many places, take the best minds out of the country, rip millions of people out of the hearth and belly of the country, and say, i wonder what happened to Africa.

Make no mistake about it. While it will be very difficult or perhaps impossible to change in any revolutionary way our economic situation for a long time to come, we can change our consciousness, and through consciousness, we can litterally change the world.

Most anthropologists, have been satisfied, to go looking for vanishing little tribes, the huga-buga and the luga-buga. And they go and they spent 6 months a year and they study all they know about the luga-buga. All their little rituals, and their dances, and their kingship system, who is my mother’s brother’s sister’s son etc, absolutely irrelevant, for any illuminating vision of african civilization.
And they come and extrapolate masses of things about it!
And so we have thousands and thousands of books about Africa that tells us absolutely nothing about the quintessential Africa.

We know very little, or rather we’ve known very little of the technology of earlier african, because of this concentration on primitives.


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